Highlands Council – Heeps ABS Scheme

Description of project

IRS Scotland Ltd were appointed as Principal Contractors under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 to deliver the highland council HEEP/ABS project on behalf of Highland council and funding partners EON. The project involved the installation of an EWI Systems to Non- traditional solid wall properties throughout the highlands of Scotland taking in some of the most remote and exposed areas in the North of Scotland. IRS joined the project in September of 2016 and quickly hit the ground running delivering the completed properties quicker than all predecessors. Previous render companies had found the difficult and remote conditions very challenging and had really struggled to hit the output numbers.

However IRS in true form rose to the challenge and are now well into their 4th highly successful year delivering quality and consistency to over 1000 properties in these rural locations to keep the families in the North of Scotland warm and comfortable in their newly Insulated homes. The key to our success on this project has been about building trusting relationships with the local communities and our key partners EON.

Key Features

Building warrant approval removal of rainwater goods
Scaffold erection soil, ventilation pipe and gas flue extensions
Fabric Repairs fungicidal wash
Installation of new  over sills external wall insulation
Installation of new insulated render mechanical fixings
Pre start gas safety checks scrim coat
Pre start ventilation checks corner beads
Energy Performance Certificate dash receiver coat


Client: Highland Council
Value: £6-10 Million
Start Date: Sept 2016
Completion: Ongoing
Duration: 4+ years to date



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